How to Design an Urban Studio Loft

When an art student living in a studio loft came to us asking for help, we knew this would not be a typical room rescue!

The client requested a warm and inviting design with elements of industrial living added throughout. Despite living in a studio apartment, our design consultant was able to designate specific spaces for the client’s office, living room, kitchen and bedroom. Bright pops of color in the accessories and industrial lamps throughout ensure that all the spaces tie together.

In this episode of Room Rescue we also talk to Dan about the different sleeper sofa options available to you at The Warehouse at Huck Finn. If you’re in need furniture that can pull double duty, the sleeper sofa is a great option to consider. We offer queen and twin-size options to fit in any space you need it.

Don’t miss this episode of Room Rescue and the chance to get inspired from an urban studio loft makeover!

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