Create Your Couples Getaway

It can be a challenge for newlywed couples to combine their design styles, but our team of experts make it look easy!

This week, we’re turning a “man cave” into a couple’s sanctuary by replacing the recliners and large TV with functional furniture and soft, neutral colors. Framing the client’s vinyl albums and hanging their acoustic guitars brought a personal touch to the room that made it feel organized and youthful. Shades of blue, grey and brown throughout create a calming environment for the newlywed couple where they can enjoy being together.

During the 60-second helper, Dan shares how to add a designer touch to your home with custom pillows from Bassett! With different options for shape, size, fabric, and tufting, you can design a pillow that is perfect for any space. Learn more about the custom pillow program by visiting our design experts at The Warehouse at Huck Finn.

Don’t miss this episode of Room Rescue to learn how to combine different design styles into one beautiful room both you and your partner will love.

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