How to maximize the space in your small room

In this week’s episode our experts at The Warehouse at Huck Finn helped a couple re-purpose and maximize a small room and turn it into a multi-functional room. The couple needed a shared space that would double as a den and a home office, as the wife works from home a lot. The designer brought in more natural colors in the room like blues and browns,  and even included a bit of a sparkle with one of the accent pillows.


The Commonwealth module desk and Commonwealth dresser provided functionality and style in one. The full size accent mirror gave depth and a focal point to the room as well. However, the room didn’t become completely multi-functional until our designer added a sleeper sofa that will be able to accommodate guests on occasion. The masculine leather armchair and the fur pillows helped unify the style as well as welcomed the more feminine touches without overshadowing them.


As a bonus this week you can get advice on using accent mirrors when decorating. Some of the benefits of using accent mirrors are that they bring function, light as well as dept to the room, they emphasize the room colors, and  for a dramatic effect it can also serve as a focal point or instead of wall art.


Last but not least, let’s not forget the gorgeous rug in natural colors with concentric circle shapes that really brings the room together both as a color, and as a style.

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